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The starsMEETING will be held at the Weekend 21. – 23. April 2023 in Budapest. The event includes:

  • Saturday + Sunday starsMEETING: The main event, agenda and description, see below.
  • Friday – Sunday: Accommodation in Barcelo Hotel. This includes the breakfasts and lunches Saturday and Sunday.
  • Saturday Evening Dinner: A nice restaurant close to the hotel, 19:00- open end. Hard-alcoholic drinks and everything after the dinner is not included.

For Friday, we will be offering a little program for the participants arriving early enough. Those need to be booked additionally.

  • Friday Afternoon Program: Participation in a guided City Tour approx. 1,5h, 16:00-17:30.
  • Friday Evening Dinner: A relaxed evening in a near-by restaurant, 19:00- open end. Hard-alcoholic drinks and everything after the dinner is not included.


  • Event costs 850€ for all program points.
    • LeadershipStars, whom’s membership is valid in April 2023 (starting in April 2022 or later), can attend free of charge and have been sent a voucher, which will need to be entered at the end of the booking-process.
    • Participants of the Your First 100 Days program can attend for a reduced fee of 250€ and have been sent a voucher, as well.
  • Currently, 40 seats are available. Members (LSAP of F100) have a participation-priority, if registered by 28.02.2023. Afterward, it’s first come first serve.

Register through the standard-ordering process:



Arrival in Budapest

Budapest can be arrived by Plane or by Train. Plane Destination is BUD, very frequently connected by several airlines (WizzAir, Germanwings, Lufthansa, etc.). Trains should arrive in Budapest Nyugati Palyudvar (West train station).

Arrival in the Hotel

Easiest arrival is by cab. The taxi-stops are marked, just follow the signs.

In front of the airport is a management counter for the taxis, just queue up, tell them the hotel-address and hop into the cab that’s booked for you. You can pay by credit card in any of the cabs.

In front of the railway station is the standard taxi-queue, as everywhere. Ask before you enter if they accept credit-cards. In Budapest, each official taxi is obliged to accept them, but you never know.




The starsMEETING will be held again in the

Barcelo Hotel

  • Király u. 16
  • Budapest 1061
  • Hungary

In case you need additional rooms and / or additional nights, please contact the hotel directly.

Convincing others

Program & Schedule

– Das starsMEETING wird in deutsch durchgeführt! –

The central topic of the starsMEETING is “Convincing others”. This is our main job as boss, parent, partner… We will work on three areas:

  1. Your effect on others – Very often people deny the person, not necessarily the decisions. Being aware of your effect on others being able to influence it by adapting, by using the details, is a valuable craft to have.
  2. Creating decisions – Leading is deciding, understanding how people decide, why and why not is crucial for career.
  3. Benefits argumentation – Some ideas from the field of sales

At the end, we will bring all of this together.

We will have TWO Guest-Trainers on Site:

Georg Jocham

He will teach us the art of “getting descissions from the boss”.

We know him from his gig in the leadershipMENTORING.

Lukasz Urban

Lukasz is giving us some insides into nonverbal communication.

We know him from the LEBEN-FÜHREN Podcast.


  • 15:30 Registration opens
  • 16:00-17:30 Sightseeing-walk in Budapest
  • 19:00-21:00 Dinner Restaurant


  • 09:00 Start, introduction of the new members, Intro
  • 12:00 Light Lunch
  • 13:00 Your effect on others
  • 15:00 Coffee Break
  • 16:00 Creating decisions
  • 18:00 End day one
  • 19:00-21:00 Dinner Restaurant


  • 09:00 Start, Benefits argumentation
  • 10:00 Practice: Take your cases and discuss and train them with the trainers
  • 12:00 Dinner (buffet in the hotel)
  • 13:00 Barcamp
  • 15:00 End day two
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